Welcome to the Diabetes Prevention Program

The goal of the Diabetes Prevention Program at Dr. Riba’s Health Club is to ensure that no family or individual will have to endure the struggle of living with diabetes. We are here to help reverse the path to diabetes by providing you with nutritional counseling, exercise training, and stress management tools to help you get back on the track towards health. We take on a team approach to help you make the best possible choices for the future and health of you and your family!

Program Outline

Our CDC recognized program is personalized for your nutritional needs. It’s not a “diet”–no strict portion control, calorie counts, or pills involved–simply healthy eating habits, informed, nutritious food choices, and daily physical activity.


In this program we work with individuals to help them reverse the track towards Type 2 Diabetes through:

-Nutrition counseling with a Registered Dietitian tailored to your specific needs

-Exercise training with a Certified Personal Trainer

-Stress management tools

Factores para Calificar al Tratamiento

-El paciente es mayor de 18 años de edad

-Hemoglobina A1C valor de 5.7-6.4% en los 12 meses anteriores

-Historial de diabetes gestacional

-Seguro Admitido: PPO y pagos en efectivo