Health Club

Individualized patient care plan delivered by a multidisplinary team; the multi-disciplinary team treats and prevents nutrition-related issues including but not limited to overweight, obesity, Failure to Thrive (FTT), type 2 diabetes, picky eaters. Treatment is family based, but includes individual care plans. No one is turned away for inability to pay. (2012-2014 data demonstrated an average of 80% improvement in BMI %tile 97% of these patients lived below the proverty line)

Dr. Patricia works to address the root causes of overweight and obesity, rather than just the symptoms, to ensure that the entire family is stronger and healthier. The overall intervention is the same for both overweight children and those with FTT.

  1. Discuss the psychology of feeding
  2. Teach families how to improve their nutrition
  3. Promote increased physical activity
  4. Assess and treat any medical or psychological comorbidities

With the nutrition counseling and fitness training provided by our multidisciplinary team at medical visits, our most recent evaluation in 2013 found that 91% of patients improved their body mass index (BMI) percentiles for age. The reduction in weight was enough in many cases that the children are no longer considered obese.