Group Visits

Dr. Riba’s Health Club and CalOptima have partnered up to create a 12-week nutrition program called, for CalOptima members ages 5-18. This is a weekly virtual program that includes exercise activities, nutrition education, and healthy food demonstrations for CalOptima members and their families.

Eligible CalOptima members receive a $50 gift card for completing 6 sessions and members who complete all 12 sessions get a free visit with Dr. Patricia Riba.

Currently offered via telehealth.

Group Classes


All eligible members get to workout with our fitness trainer every class session. Participants learn about the importance of exercise and how to incorporate exercise into their daily routines.

Nutriton Education

All classes are taught in English and Spanish by our Registered Dietitians. The class topics include: Family Meals, Healthy Lunches, Label Reading, and many more!

Healthy Food Demonstrations

After each session, participants get a healthy snack related to the topic of the week.



For more information about class times/dates contact our main office (714) 549-6440.