Serving Kids Hope focuses on the prevention and treatment of nutrition-related problems in children and their families. Approaching diagnosis, treatment, and prevention with a multidisciplinary team, SKHope provides direct patient care and outreach/educational programs. SKHope reaches over 4,000 underserved families annually, targeting low-income areas in Orange County, where obesity and diabetes are serious concerns.

Programs were formed as a result of Dr. Riba’s expertise and passion, coupled with support from the Children and Families Commission of Orange County. In 2002, the Commission funded a pilot program at Huntington Beach Community Clinic to address the growing problem of young children with unhealthy weight. By July 2008, the Commission’s funding commitment and Hoag Memorial Hospital’s support enabled several programs to mature and are now offered at multiple sites.

Spearheaded by Dr. Riba, our programs comprise an innovative approach to weight management and diabetes prevention in the community clinic setting because we emphasize the psychology of feeding children and feeding dynamic issues. What began as a grassroots organization has grown into a program that reaches thousands of family each year. Dr. Riba is leading the fight against child obesity in Orange County not only through one-on-one care, but also systematically through provider, community, and parent education programs.