PC-Fit (Parent-Child Feeding Interaction Therapy)

In collaboration with the Child Guidance Center, PC-Fit treats dysfunctional feeding-dynamic issues within families through live-coaching intervention. This novel program is modeled after PCIT (Parent-Child Interaction Therapy), a live coaching intervention that strengthens the parent-child bond and provides highly consistent, appropriate, and effective parenting strategies. The rationale behind the strategies of PC-Fit is that children reflect their parents’ attitudes and associations with food. The coach observes and coaches parent-child interactions over the course of multiple sessions during simulated family meal times through a one-way mirror while the parent wears a wireless earpiece. This program not only empowers parents to make mealtimes more enjoyable, but helps create a positive dynamic for the entire family to relieve tension at the dinner table with everyone enjoying food together.
Currently, the PC-Fit program is offered for our patients at the Child Guidance Center offices in Santa Ana.