About The Staff:

Our team is available to answer any questions about our programs and our work in the community. Call them or send them an email directly.

Patricia A. Ronald Riba, MD

Founder and Medical Director

Dr. Patricia A. Ronald Riba is a specialist in childhood and author obesity in Orange County, California. She was the founder of the Serving Kids Hope Organization and is the Medical Director of the Dr. Patricia Organization or the Dr. Riba Health Club, a community organization designed to prevent and treat nutrition-related health problems in children aged 0-18 their families. The Dr. Patricia Organization or Dr. Riba Health Club offers a variety of programs and services at different locations in Orange County. Dr. Patricia and her multidisciplinary team reach more than 6,000 families who lack medical services through individualized plans for patient care, education and training of the community and providers, school programs and Parent-to-Child Interaction Therapies. Dr. Patricia attended the Boston University School of Medicine and completed her residency in General Pediatrics at the Orange County Children’s Hospital.

Vida Delshad

Accounting Manager


Vida Delshad is the Accounting Manager of the Organization Dr. Patricia or Dr. Riba’s Health Club. He joined the executive team in 2014 and is passionate about the organization’s mission. Vida has experience in business and non-profit organizations. Vida Delshad is responsible for the financial aspects of our program, including accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, financial statements, budgets and grant allocation.

Rosario Olivera

Operations Manager


Rosario oversees all operational aspects of the Dr. Patricia Organization or the Dr. Riba Health Club. As Operations Manager, Rosario establishes the vision for professional development, program delivery, quality assurance and the day-to-day performance of the Dr. Patricia Organization or Dr. Riba’s Health Club, as well as maintaining relationships with organizations and allied agencies and with the community. Rosario has worked for Dr. Riba for several years, when she started as Community Programs Coordinator. Over the years, she has assumed several roles in the organization until being promoted to Operations Manager in 2015. She sets the standard for employees so that every decision and action taken is driven by a mission. Rosario enjoys traveling,

Jennifer A. Nelson, Master of Science, Registered Dietitian, Certified Educator in Diabetes

Registered Dietitian


Jennifer has 30 years of experience working in the field of nutrition. Registered Dietitian. He completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of British Columbia in Canada and a Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition from the Polytechnic University of the State of California in Pomona, California. Jennifer completed a one-year internship in Maternity and Pediatrics at University-Affiliated Programs at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) Neuropsychiatric Institute and USC Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles. She is Certified Educator in Diabetes, Certified Lactation Educator and Certified Fitness and Health Specialist with the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). Jennifer has worked as a counselor for various health-related organizations. She has developed curricula and has taught classes in infant nutrition, adult weight management, infant weight control, pregnancy nutrition, diabetes and its prevention, addictions and eating disorders.

Katy Dyer, Registered Dietitian

Registered Dietitian


Katy has eight years of experience working in nutrition and weight management for adults and children. As our second Registered Dietitian, go to patients, counsel families about proper nutrition, and help develop the program’s curriculum. Katy consults with patients and families on issues of nutrition, weight management, child nutrition, diabetes and prevention.

Brandon Farmer MS

Principal Physical Trainer and Community Programs Coordinator


As a Principal Physical Trainer, Brandon is responsible for teaching and preparing program participants and for training individual clinical patients. Brandon creates trainings, develops circuit training for groups of all ages, and designs and implements the Fit Club program for after school and summer at various locations. She also coordinates community programs for Dr. Riba’s Health Club, including pre-school lessons, Pretend City classes, nutrition education, and participation in health fairs. Brandon completed his MSc in Kinesiology and has worked at the OC Fast-Twitch Training Center for several years, where he has helped train Olympic gold medalists and professional athletes.

Caitilin Sisk

Physical Instructor / Community Liason


Caitlin is responsible for designing and implementing the Fit Club ™ in after school and summer programs, as well as directing the physical and nutritional component of the program. In addition to teaching and preparing program participants, Caitlin works as a community liaison by keeping in touch with providers within the community. He finished his Bachelor of Science in Health and is passionate about soccer, exercise and animals.

Sandra Gonzalez



Sandra is responsible for assisting the staff of the Dr. Patricia Organization or Dr. Riba’s Health Club in all reception and medical assistance duties, including personal data, patient paperwork, new patient referred to. Sandra is our patient coordinator and is responsible for calling, scheduling and monitoring each patient referred to us. He completed his Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences at California State University in Fullerton (CSUF).